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Interim Hotel Management

Temporary hotel management

In the event that you urgently need someone to professionally manage your hotel with heart and mind, we offer temporary hotel management. You have the time to organize things in peace or find the right person permanently for this task. Thanks to our experience, we will be able to be present at your business and get your available staff on board in the shortest amount of time.  

For us, interim management means that we will run your hotel as if it were our own. We will continue to promote sales, take care of the workload and occupancy rates, and train employees. In the area of pre-opening, we have already been able to successfully accompany a few businesses from pre-opening to ongoing operation. This has given us extensive pre-opening experience. 

We will stay on top of things even when it comes to the structuring and organization of various craftsmen and maintenance groups. Of course, this also includes recruiting suitable employees. 

Our goal is to get you from the pre-opening phase to a successful and timely opening!