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Have you ever been in a situation where...

... somehow things advance but not as quickly, smoothly, and efficiently as you would like? Your employees don't quite pull their own weight? You have a higher turnover than you would like for the stability of your team of employees? 

We train management in their role as "leader". This allows managers to fulfill their role in the team. You will achieve more efficiently, stability, and satisfaction in your team. Lower-level employees also have a lot of potential. If each employee knows their role and importance in the company, masters good communication, and does their job with joy, then your sales will go up and you will win over more and more returning guests. 

Have you heard about our "correction course" for service personnel? 

Here, we will train your restaurant personnel in the area of especially refined, subtle communication. Your employees will learn how to increase restaurant and beverage sales through their phrasing and choice of words as well as charming questioning technique. 

Talk to us without any obligation and let's find out together what we can do for you and your staff.